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How Abt a Change..

*NB: Handwritten script is just something that struck me for no reason,the autobiography mentioned isn’t mine or nothing like that…just made my pen to work on for something that moulded up in my mind for no reason…

You know it’s damn booring to always type what you’ve got in mind…normally I use voice to text convertor apps(or probably the transcriber) for an instant conversion of my views into text format….But u know a writer needs to be romantic with pen( it’s not the stylus I meant 😅).

The aroma of the ink blended with delicate smell of paper you’re scribbling into…..has become really nostalgic nowadays,so just thought of a change…..

A change is gud…but not always.


Dedicated to all superheroes…

What makes an author melancholic is his inefficiency in expressing his own feelings or in simple words it’s actually the difficulty experienced in conveying his message as he desires in the most best and right manner to the readers without losing the delicate fragrance couched with mysterious blends (which the readers should aspire themselves) with which the author had furnished it in his mind.It’s not because the author isn’t proficient in his field.Even the great poet William Wordsworth and the Epic painter, Picasso were victims for the same.

 Today on September 5th(sorry for posting this late,was really busy) while scribbling this note with utmost respect I feel the same .Just like a carnot engine which can’t be 100% efficient, it’s nearly impossible to outcast the gratitude and respect that we owe for you merely through words because it’s much more….. than your expectations .A mere piece of paper isn’t enough for popping up everything in our heart. Even millions of gratitude notes knotted together can’t compensate for the most respectful and selfless service that you are committed with.

Teaching being the only profession which moulds out everything else is vividly the reason for treating it as the most respected profession in the universe, of course they are the nation builders capable enough for moulding out a better future generation. Its rightly said that being a teacher is a privilege, having one is a blessing. So we guys are really blessed to have such a wonderful vibrant and energetic staff who’s always ready to inspire us, guide us, ignite our minds, spark new ideas, encourage us and above all they are ready to rock with us just like a die-hard friend.

I remember  a faculty saying “Innocent smiles on their faces after they have clearly understood what I have taught is the most happiest moment for me in this world”. It vividly reflects their selfless efforts and care towards us .They haven’t got failed in instilling hope and confidence which further  made us self-reliant enough to face and combat all the adverse challenges ahead in our journey. Fondly remembering the faculties who tripled our curiosity and aroused interest in the subject by making us visualise the amazing facts which were far beyond the syllabus 

So today being celebrated as Teacher’s Day ,we would like to express our immense gratitude and pleasure with utmost respect to the whole teaching staff .

 We are really blessed to have the best…..

“Those who educate children well are more to be honored than parents, for these only gave them life, those the art of living well”, Aristotle quoted.

                   A BIG SALUTE


Quoted on 15th Sep

The world is changing…the latest innovations couched with sophisticated technologies just reflects on how the world has got updated so far.Even the covid spread preventive Technologies formulated within a stingy span of time vividly outcasts the same… So there must be some superheroes who’re working behind the curtain….capable enough to transform mere dreams of mankind to reality for a better sustainable future. 

No matter wherever they are in the world,their resumes are preferred and valid irrespective of the sectors formulated so far under the sky. 

Yeah! Engineers are those superheroes.With utmost respect the society has honored them with much more titles like ‘Problem Solvers’, ‘Magical Bridges’,’The Second creators’ and much more.

A scientist may discover a new star but for making one he should of course contact an engineer.

Engineering is the making of things that did not previously exist whereas science is the discovery of things that have long been existing. 

Queen Elizabeth once quoted “At its heart, engineering is about using science to find creative practical solutions. It’s a noble profession”.In other words,it’s the art of directing the great sources of power in nature for the use and convenience of man. 

If we have a quick analysis on the efforts casted by governments of various countries on their youth, it’s evident that most of them are tempting and persuading the young minds to grab an engineering degree, it’s because every engineer is an asset to the country and they know it well.Even engineering is recognized as the basic fundamental solver of all problems faced by mankind.

Science is just about Knowing but engineering is about Doing.What we usually consider as impossible are simply engineering problems and there is no law of physics preventing them.Once airplanes were just mere beautiful dreams, but these superheroes turned it into reality. The Science Guy,Bill Nye spoke out “There’s nothing I believe in more strongly than getting young people interested in engineering,for a better tomorrow for all humankind”, and that’s a perfect shot.

For an optimist, the glass is half-full; for the pessimist, half-empty; and the engineer will tell you the glass is twice the size it needs to be!

We must understand the fact that there’s a big gap between scientific research and the engineering product which serves the customers and if you want to bridge that gap, be an Engineer!

This note’s worth reading…just spare a few minutes…

Hey,The world’s waiting for you!!!
(by guy of vibez)
Hollywood movies like ‘Contagion‘ and ‘Outbreak‘ which were once considered as horrific
thrillers is gaining much more popularity nowadays. I am sure you are gonna get jaw dropped if
you are about to see it for the first time during this covid scenario. Both films cast a realistic
portrayal of a world that’s striving hard to fight a deadly virus spreading with a blazing speed. It even sheds a weird feeling that we are living in a world which was well scripted years ago. The only distinguishing factor between the present scenario and those story plots are surely the latest innovations clubbed with sophisticated technologies which were developed by the
government, research companies and even students with proper guidance from mentors have
contributed a lot in mustering up all those Covid spread preventive technologies in the front line
to combat the novel covid-19 virus.

.Starting from tiny thermal scanners to robotic nurses that keeps a record of theirroute map through the hospital corridors truly casts light on our diversified approach as well as outlook towards developing assistive technologies that helps in combating Covid-19 .
Wuhan the epicentre of covid-19 outbreak is far better than any other states nowadays.
Hospitals controlled by robotic nurses with inbuilt chipsets and sensors that could interact with
patients and even have a casual talk with them actually turned to be a major outbreak in
instilling hope in the patient’s mind.Gradually they got recovered from the deadly virus and that seems to be something psychological,huh?.Moreover it eliminated the risks of doctors and nurses to be affected by the virus.
It’s really interesting to know that some food delivery companies have already developed autonomous robots which can travel through roadways and act as responsible delivery agents.They are well sanitized thrice a day in the company’s warehouse.Similar developments have stepped foot in several other medical Industries too.

Face Bioguards developed in Korea is a user-friendly substitute for the normal face masks
prevalent all over the globe.Instead of using polyester films, eco-friendly material is used for the Bioguards.Highly precisioned micro holes spread uniformly on the guard film can filter out droplets of foreign substances. Moreover it ensures enhanced air permeability.Apart from
combating covid-19 it can also filter out the dust particles that can cause respiratory disorders.
Accurate measurement of fine dust and droplets in the atmosphere using a mobile app
employing AI based algorithm and image processing skills was also found to assist covid-19
prevention.The company CEO assures the app could even seize the movements of coronavirus
invisible to naked human eyes.

An air purifier that blows out a strong whirlwind when someone steps on it was found to remove
all the bacteria and other harmful virus from the user’s body surface.It provides sterilizing and
antibacterial effect to the user for 24 hours which can’t be found in any other existing air
purifiers.According to the company CEO the disposal of harmful materials of virus is done
effectively by carbon nanotube filters and HEPA also called High Efficient Particulate Arrestance.

All those innovations and preventive technologies could be mustered up in the frontline to
combat against a deadly virus like covid-19.But remember all these innovations, technologies
and sophisticated machines are useless unless there is humanity in this universe to experience
it.So be cautious while dealing with mother nature.If you are gonna exploit her for moulding out a better technology then surely you’re gonna regret and that won’t be a solo- war between you and her,the entire humanity may get punished.So let her aesthetic and mysterious beauty be untouched forever.” The sun with all those planets revolving around it, can still ripen a bunch of grapes as if it had nothing else in the universe to do “,Galileo Galilei quoted.

Fondly remembering the words of our missile man ,”the ignited minds of the youth is the most
powerful resource on the Earth, if properly directed it will do wonders “

so why waiting?

get ignited …

the world’s waiting for you….

Just A Beginning…

Hi friends,

         I have composed a lot of short stories and poems during my childhood but never used to write in blogs.Yes,I am certainly a newbie in this kind of virtual world.

       I often used to participate in writing competitions not to win dollars or prizes, but to quench my thirst in expressing ideas and feelings that blooms in my mind to someone else,yes it would certainly inscribe confidence in my mind. I love to build a new heaven in this kind of virtual world. Hope you would certainly encourage me in capturing my motto.I would like to hire workers who would encourage me in furnishing my heaven.

The guy of vibez